45 Ridiculous Mini Van Camping Organization Ideas

40 ridiculous mini van camping organization ideas

When we are not out cruising on our boat, this is how we land travel, by minivan camper. Whether it is driving across the country to visit our family in Nova Scotia each summer, chauffeuring the kids to their activities, or just running errands, it has to be organized. We’re usually so busy coming and going that organizing our family vehicle is often only a passing thought. But an organized minivan can make life so much easier.

Of course a bigger van or small RV would be a lot more comfortable but it wouldn’t get great gas mileage or easily fit in an average parking space, and most of the time this is still our everyday grocery-getter. It’s necessary knowing how to organize the minivan camper. Here i would like to share this 45 Ridiculous Mini Van Camping Organization Ideas. Explore and enjoy your travel!

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